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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life's like a cartwheel in porridge

I'm showing Bronwyn how to do a couple of magic tricks on the system when I say in passing:

"And this bit works just like the Budget Expenditure Report."

She gives me A Look.

"What Budget Expenditure Report?"

"The one you run when you want to check... she hasn't shown you the Budget Expenditure Report has she?"


"So when you want to know how much of the book fund you've got to spend you..."

"Have to ask Mary."

"Just out of curiosity, if you want to know whether or not we're getting the contracted discounts you..."

"Have to ask Mary."

"And if you want to know how much stock has gone through the Acq. Team this month?"

"That's right."

"Shit. You've been doing that job for a year and she hasn't... Do you want a copy of the training plan I proposed for your job that she said was unnecessary because she was going to sort it?"

"Yes please."

"Do you want to check diaries and make a few training dates?"

"I was too embarassed to ask."

I am struck speechless.


Ms Scarlet said...

I don't know what to say... should I ask Mary?

Gadjo Dilo said...

D'you want a Dolby with it, d'you want an amp, d'you want a bag over your head?

Dr Maroon said...

Where do you keep the dirty books? My friend Stan swears that every library has them but to keep out the riff raff they are shelved in the biographies or other rubbish. Spill the beans Kev.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Scarlet: on a need-to-know basis, perhaps...

Gadjo: or even a beeeeeeeeeefy brunchbrunchburger with ker-risssspy fried french fries and yumyumyumyum onion rings.

Dr. Maroon: my lips are sealed, but...