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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We have been here so very many times before

Frog receives an email from Himself.

From: T.Aldous
To: Frog, Mary
Subject: National Children's Reading Empowerment Project

Please read the attached from The Reading Agency. We need to send them an update of where we are with this project by 5pm on Friday. Please could you let me have the details so that I can get Maudie to type them up and send them.


From: Frog
To: T.Aldous, Mary
Subject: RE: National Children's Reading Empowerment Project

This time last year I asked you what we were going to do with this project given that you had signed me up for it. I gave you a list of things we could do. You replied (see attached) that this was being given urgent consideration by Policy Team.


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