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Monday, April 06, 2009

Everybody over to the hooplah stall

"We're charging more for regional loans," says Bronwyn.

Are we?
"Well, no... nobody will tell us what the price is now so we can't implement it. Mary said we were doing it from the first of April."

"We're charging more for colour printing," I vouchsafe, "as of April last year."

"Has that been implemented yet?" asks Maybelle.

"Milton's told me to 'keep this week free' so that we can go round changing the default settings on the PCs," I reply, gently omitting the complicating rider.

"Is this a good moment to ask if anybody knows if it's true that we're going to be charging more for replacement library cards?" asks Frog.

"From the first of April?" we all cry.
T.Aldous muttered something along these lines on Friday afternoon in passing. We've no notices telling the public what the new charges may be - Bronwyn's checked with both Maisie and Maudie to see if either of them have heard anything. And I keep asking Policy Team for an up-to-date list of charges because they keep telling me that the one on the web site is out-of-date.
"Not much we can do then, is there?" asks Bronwyn.
It was agreed to let sleeping dogs lie and not ask Policy Team what the hell is going on.

After all, they were on leave that week.

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