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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

For my first witness I would like to call a hot meat pie

I usually keep out of the April Fools' japes. Usually because I'm up to my neck in the sick joke that is our financial year rollover and report process. Looking at the percentage of our adult non-fiction stock that was on loan last night (for our statutory returns), I can only hope that this is a joke and the real status report's been hidden in another part of the system.

Settling in for a long three days' worth of number-crunching I wasn't happy to get a nine o'clock email from Catty Library asking for the statistics for their stock.

Elsewhere in the empire there are happier souls about. Beryl persuaded Salome to give Pansy a ring to tell her that she'd been booked on a public speaking course. The corporate IT section issued a five-alarm virus alert. And Catty Library sent Bronwyn an email telling her what a good job they'd done of doing all the work she's actually done to organise the next big reading event at that library.

The days are just filled with laughter.


Ms Scarlet said...

So where is the hot meat pie?

Kevin Musgrove said...

It was an aspiration rather than a commitment