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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday singalong

Stacked books
But the stats aren't quite as rosy as it looks
So I say
In my firmest way on a spring-like day, with reasons why
That by July
We should have a plan of what we're going to buy.
But we didn't, as the eye can see
In my library.
Nora Roberts, Tommy Steele and me
In my library.

Picked up
Some marketing examples from a book
We could use
To get us in the news, influence some views, get hits,
Our managers had fits and even got the shits.
We're instructed that we have to play it dumb
In my library.
So we're keeping schtum just like mum
In my library.

Tried hard
Printed reader advisory notes on card
And stuff.
But they gave us guff until we'd had enough and we called it a day
We said bollocks and we said to go away.
And the air turned grey for a day
In my library.
Which it tends to do most every other day
In my library.

1 comment:

Lavinia said...

Better than the air turning blue!