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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The art of hairdressing for wrestlers

Swapping notes with Ken Barmy over the 'phone. (He's amused to find that the company we both use for our library management system is telling other libraries that he's out to tender for a new one; and irritated that even so, he hasn't had any contact from them since last spring). I expressed my dismay and irritation at our management team's absence from the end of the financial year.

"Oh, all the buggers do that. Our mob buggered off en bloc and left it to the usual suspect to sort out. They do it every year. Christ knows how they're going to cope next year, she's retiring this summer. It's what passes for leadership in The Profession. Over in Cattermole the whole bloody lot pissed off out of it! Still, what do you expect?"

...it's what passes for leadership in The Profession. How true those words are, even today.

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