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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The record time for demolishing an upright piano and passing the entire wreckage through a ring six inches in diameter

So we cleared the space in my room and we've filled it with stuff from Noddy. Elsewhere is as bad. We've just had some incoming for T.Aldous' latest booksale. And a pile of book trolleys from branch libraries incoming for the chucking-out of. And a load of Bookstart stuff that can't go to the Bookstart centre because it's full of Bookstart stuff that's not been distributed. And some new children's library furniture. And a pile of new Chinese and Vietnamese language children's books that we think were probably new when they came here a few years back. And a pile of BBC RaW bookmarks. And some RaW publicity materiel with Larry Grayson on it (he's been dead nearly as long as we've been in here). And publicity for SureStart Day 2006. And some superannuated microfiche readers. And a huge box of fluorescent light bulbs that don't fit any light fittings anywhere. And a horse blanket.

Do we want to get involved in the new government initative to give every schoolchild a book to encourage reading? The idea is that participating library services will get a pile of books dumped on them and then they've got to persuade the participating schools to let us ferry them round for them to give to the kids. I've no idea why the books can't be delivered to education departments, which are better-resourced than us and have their own distribution systems, and let us provide a support, back-up and cheerleading role. What will happen (if we go for it, as we probably will) is that we'll have these books cluttering the place up for a couple of centuries, just like all those Italian books that time.

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