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Friday, April 13, 2007

Justice once

I'm visited by P.C. Ned Strangelove who tells me that the council's IT Security people have reported our hacking friend to the police and have supplied enough screen grabs of his activities to warrant their taking it seriously. Enough so for them to pop round and tell him he's not to use our PCs. And now I'm being told he's not to use our PCs. So I send a message to all staff not to let him use our PCs. Which prompts this:

Why was I not told about this?

You were. I told you that IT would probably report this to the police and that they'd take whatever action they thought appropriate.

Why did I not see the police?

They came to see me.

They spoke to lending staff. They should also have spoken to me.

Could you have provided any useful information about this customer's use of the library?

You are missing the point.

I don't see any problem. Unless you're suggesting that I can't receive any visitors with their being vetted by you beforehand.

The point really being that once Doreen and T.Aldous passed this idiot's emails on to me to sort out they washed their hands of the whole affair and gave no thought as to what would happen if he was caught. Not that I would trust them to do anything about it anyway, not after the case of the man caught doing naughty things in the children's library at Dutch Bend.

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