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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


"I've found some plans for the library," says Seth. This isn't devastating news: we've got more library service plans than soft Mick, it's just planning we're short of.

My mistake: it turns out that it's a big box full of architect's plans of the library. Seth's unearthed it in his bid to finally dispose of the radiator that's been cluttering the dispatch room (it should have been installed in the lift lobby before we moved in years ago but the Ringo Kid Building Company lost interest in that sort of thing once it had been paid off). The box is covered in almost as much dust as the radiator so it's obviously been there a while.

"Who put that there? I've been looking all over for that, I needed it for last year's inspection audit," says T.Aldous. "I wish people would leave my things alone."

Seth mentions this to Lemuel when he comes in at lunchtime...

"Who put it there? He bloody did, that's who! 'Put that box in the dispatch room so I know where to find it,' he bloody says and I've been barking me knee on it ever since. As God's my witness he put that bloody thing there last year."

Seth's all for confronting T.Aldous with the truth but decided better after seeing that Lemuel was getting worked up about it. Besides, what's the point: the truth's whatever T.Aldous decides it is on any given day.

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