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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The editor's decision is final

One of the rare joys of working in the public library sector is the opportunity to meet colleagues from other library authorities and share working experiences. On the one hand it's a relief to find you're not alone in having to deal with workaday stupidities. On the other it's thoroughly depressing to see how rife workaday stupidity is these days. I've just been in a meeting with colleagues looking at how our library management systems could cope with the MLA acquisitions offer. (I'm not getting started on that subject, I'll be here for years).My counterpart from Pardendale is looking a bit frazzled.

"It's our library review. It's putting years on me."

"I thought you'd finished it," said Fred from Bencup.

"Oh I have, it's just that my boss keeps insisting on my doing a rewrite of it."

"Nothing like that ever happens to us," I grinned mendaciously.

"I'll just have to rewrite it in the style of Jackie Collins, see if that works."

"I shudder to think what would be on the cover," says Fred.

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