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Monday, April 23, 2007

New shit for old

Seth, Milton and I have just mucked out the computer room anew, having finally got permission to get shut of the old rubbish from Catty and Dutch Bend that came my way earlier in the year. We still await the verdict on the tatty old bookshelves that got dumped in there years ago: "we can't throw them out, they belong to the art gallery," says T.Aldous.

Our delight is tempered by the fact that we're just making room for a pile of old tat from the old Noddy Library site.

The caretakers are getting increasingly weary of being treated as cheap removals men. Once every so often is sort-of fair enough but once or twice a week, at least, is a lot above and beyond.

"I wouldn't mind but we're just moving the same old shit from one place to another. How often have we moved those old paperback spinners from Epiphany? They've been here, then out to the cellar at Noddy, then back here again, up in the attic at Milkbeck, back here again and where is it going this time? Back to bloody Noddy, that's where. If we don't want the bloody things why don't we just sling them?" rants Lemuel.

"Just go with the flow," says Seth. "You know and I know that they need slinging but it isn't going to happen so we just do as we're told, take the money and go home. If you start trying to make sense of what they think they're doing you'll just wind yourself up."

Wise words which we've all said to ourselves at one time or another and not really been able to take on board. I hope Lemuel can this time: he's looking a bit grey around the gills and obviously needs his next holiday.

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