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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walking through an empty house

The office is like the Mary Celeste without the crowd scenes.
  • Maudie and Maisie are attending a meeting about the future of their jobs
  • Library Policy & Strategic Management Team (this week) are wherever they are today. Somebody rather tactlessly wrote "Missing In Action" on the staff notice board and there was a bit of a to-do as to whether or not there was a space between n and A.
  • The Acquisitions Team (both of them) are in a meeting with Bronwyn to try and work out what on earth is going on with one of the new collections that somebody higher up is supposed to have sorted out.
  • Frog is out doing a summer story session with some blind children in Umpty.
So it looks like I'm in charge. That being the case, I wonder if it would be an abuse of executive power to tell the lending library to stop diverting all their 'phones down here.


Happy Frog and I said...

There are so few people at my place we were thinking of putting photos on milk cartoons to try and find them.

I think you should go for it, wield your power. Not just with the phones but with snagging extra jaffa cakes, whatever you like really!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Happy Frog & You: it gets scary after a bit, doesn't it?

Happy Frog and I said...

It certainly does!