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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Europe's largest domestic herd of bald badgers

There are days when I think I'm in training for the care home. This is a transcript of what passed for a conversation over the staff room table. I've not embellished it any, I hope I've managed to get most of it written down. I dare say I'll have to explain why I've run into the gents with a notebook.

Sybil: "So how's wha'zname doing?"
Frog: "Which one?"
Sybil: "You know, the one with the doo-dah."
Frog: "Oh! That wha'sname. Ooh, well... Luckily I had me little drum with me."
Sybil: "Did you beat a retreat?"
Frog: "Beat! Retreat! Peat!"
Sybil: "Feet!"
Frog: "Ooh, now I'm all of a doo-dah."
Sybil: "You'll just have to let it dangle like the rest of them."
Frog: "Is that a chocolate biscuit?"
Sybil: "It was."
Posy: "If I cut my boyfriend's head off, do you think he'd grow another one?"
Sybil: "Hey, think on: it could be a whatsit."
Frog: "We had fish pie for supper last night."
Sybil: "Talk about braces..."
Frog "One of them's a donkey."
Sybil: "Hey! Hey! You know what? Talking about donkeys..."
Frog: "You'll have to lie back and think of England."
Posy: "Kenneth Williams?"

All these people have the vote. Ain't democracy grand?


Happy Frog and I said...

Wow! I thought the title was brilliant enough until I got to the conversation. Thank you so much for getting all of that down! I love writing down conversations I hear.

Pat said...

The spirit of Pinter lives on.

Joanna Cake said...

Are they playing a variant of Mornington Crescent using Kenneth Williams...?

nursemyra said...

Where's the fish pie recipe?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Happy Frog and you: I daren't transcribe most of them!

Pat: I suspect it's more Ted Kavanagh. The spirit of ITMA runs deep in our place.

Joanna: but that it were so well-structured!

nursemyra: I guess I'll have to ask him for it...