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Friday, August 27, 2010

A million miles from the Ovaltine

Going through the library I pass by Frog's Summer Stories Session. He's using one of those Nick Sharratt books that are split down the middle so that you can play mix and match with the pictures ("Exquisite Corpse" as the Dadaists would say).

"A bath full of custard!" he said. "Have you ever had a bath full of custard? How do you think it got there? Do you think it came through the taps? Cold custard through that one and hot custard through that one? Perhaps it's all cold custard - ewww! I bet that would clog up the plugs!"

I listened to this and looked at the faces of the children and wondered what the fuck we were doing making him sit in meetings listening to gobshites telling us how clever they are at engaging with the community.


Pearl said...

A story like that would've plugged up MY plumbing, no doubt about it.

A tubful of custard. Hmm.


Warden Files said...

I applaud you silently for using your own words to capture my thoughts.

Macy said...

More than one use for a bathful of custard then!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pearl: it is an arresting thought.

Warden: I have the years of practice.

Macy: of course.

zmkc said...

When I do get enough drink down me to become a politician, I shall ban all meetings and we will all be able to sit around telling tales of custard and other semi-liquid substances