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Monday, August 23, 2010

Not so much as a tartiflette

Kevin the van driver has thrown a wobbly (there was one hanging round in the dispatch room).

It was presented as a kick-off about taking a pile of summer reading game stuff over to Grimley Community Centre but really it's a reaction to his having spent the whole of Friday taking vanloads of assorted tat and breakages over to the old Roadkill Library (which should have been demolished this time last year BTW) only to come back here to be asked where he'd been all afternoon because there was something needing going over to the new Roadkill Library.

Maudie and Brownyn can usually filter nonsense like that out of his work schedule but every so often one of other brighter sparks goes direct to the delivery.


Macy said...

Don't tell him it's Autumn already in much of northern Britain, and his Summer reading stuff isn't going to be wanted long at Grimley

Kevin Musgrove said...

Macy: our Autumn started three days after school broke up for the Summer holidays. :(

Pat said...

Hurray for Maudie and Bronwen!