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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Never trust a plumber who turns up wearing armbands

Digby's playing a blinder this week; someone will have to put something into his coffee. Or at least remind him that he is the council's Press Officer, not God.

Bronwyn's arranged an author visit for Glass Road Library. Said chappy writes gritty, very noir thrillers with enough of a body count to satisfy even the blood lusts of that library's pensionable ladies. So it's quite a coup and needs a bit of publicity in celebration.

"Oh, we can't publicise that," says Digby, "it's so gloomy. Can't she get Dan Brown instead?"

Jack Harry passes the news on to Bronwyn.

"Oh yes," she says, "is he paying for him then?"

"You don't sound very impressed with the idea," says Jack Harry.

"Oh, I'm very impressed," lied Bronwyn.

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Pat said...

Digby requires a boot up the stern.!