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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poetry woven into the general consciousness

More gems from our reference library. You'll need to bear in mind that:

(a) We are a small public library service somewhere in the North of England;
(b) We are not a research library;
(c) We are many miles from the sea; and
(d) This is the 21st Century.

So this is a selection of what we have proferred as being current and accurate information for the lay public. I include publication dates for further enlightenment.
2nd Report Of The Committee: A Comparison Of Transition Temperatures   1960
Determined By Small And Large Scale Tests On Five Steels
Brief History Of The National Gallery Of Scotland 1961
Chance For Charities? Distributing The Proceeds Of The National 1993
Lottery To Charitable Organisations
Draft Agreement Between The Government Of The United Kingdom Of Great 1984
Britain And Northern Ireland And The Government Of The People'S
Republic Of China On The Future Of Hong Kong
Guide To Parliament And What Your Mp Does 1997
Guide To The Loading And Unloading Of Fishing Vessels Regulations 1988 1988
Language For Life: The N.U.T'S Commentary On The Bullock Report 1976
National Minimum Wage: Report Of An Inter Departmental Working Party 1969
New Training Initiative: A Programme For Action 1982
The Work And Organisation Of The Legal Profession 1989
Tourism In The UK: Realising The Potential 1992
Trade Unionism: A Basic Guide 1978
Training For Community Care: A Joint Approach 1991
Bayonets: An Illustrated History And Reference Guide 1968
British Lighthouses 1947
Cameras Photographs And Accessories 1966
Conservative Manifesto 1979 1979
Going Into Hospital 1988
How To Conduct An Election By The Single Transferable Vote 1976
Make The Difference: The Liberal Democrat Manifesto 1997 1997
Meeting The Challenge In Europe: Labour'S Manifesto For The European 1989
Elections 1989
New Directions: The Path To A Green Britain Now, General Election 1992
Campaign Manifesto 1992
Surveying: Instruments And Methods 1968
Future Shape Of Local Government Finance 1971
National Blood Transfusion Service 1976
National Curriculum: A Survival Guide 1989
Nomenclature Of The Hominidae: Including A Definitive List Of Named 1965
Hominid Taxa


Pat said...

Conservative Manifesto 1979.
Those were the days:)

Webrarian said...

Now I understand your comment about what I'm throwing out being better than what you're keeping.

I am now up to 635.

We have to keep the RAF picture books as we have a certain clientele that come in and look at them while they shelter from the rain.