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Thursday, June 10, 2010

It all fits, if you see what I mean

Maybelle's pissed off. Frog and I are naturally concerned so we force her to have some chocolate biscuits. One of her projects has stalled. It's a piece of work she's supposed to be doing; the Library Service wants her to do; the partner agency supplying the funding wants her to do it; she wants to do it; and the people she's working with want to do it.

It just needs rubber-stamping by the someone in authority in the Library Service.

Frog and I give her permission to carry on. If there's any sulking from on high about it someone can talk to us about it.

"Can you do that?" asks Maybelle.

"We've been told to take more responsibility," we reply as one.


Happy Frog and I said...

Now you're talking!

Pat said...

AND you're allowed to dish out the chocolate biccies. That's power.

Macy said...

Good work Mr Musgrove! Once you've figured out how to wrest control of the BUDGET you can declare UDI from senior management