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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dying puts a gloss on them they never had in life

We've had a 'Most Haunted' moment in the staff room with Mystic Mug.

"I'm getting a message from the other side. Does the name 'Agatha Christie' mean anything to anybody? Ooh... Ooh... I'm getting in touch with my familiar..."

"You do that dearie. We'll sit here and eat your biscuits."

"I'm getting something very firm now... [Do you get the impression that somebody besides me has all the episodes of 'Round The Horne' on CD?] I've pierced the veil... Oh, it's a message from our fearless leaders."

"Ooh! What do they say?"

"They say... they say... 'I was on leave that week.'"

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