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Friday, May 29, 2009

International man of mystery

Warner's on leave and his 'phone's through to Maudie because his secretary is off sick. A bit of an imposition but at least we know where he is and most people who need to contact him know he's on leave.

We think T.Aldous is on leave. We can't be sure because we have no proof, just hearsay evidence (he said something to the effect in passing to Alwyn, who mentioned it to Maudie).

We don't know how long he's apparently on leave so this is day two of "as far as we're aware he's back in tomorrow."


Lavinia said...

I think the real story here is who has the more interesting callers. Warner or T. Aldous?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Warner's callers are all quite sensible.

T.Aldous' callers were all quite sensible until they started having to deal with him.