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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Forget the Family Allowance and concentrate

It makes me cross to read the ongoing trickle of details about MPs' fiddling their expenses. "Expenses are seen as compensation for not getting regular pay rises," say the people who inveigh against the iniquities of the public sector wage bill whilst voting themselves pensions we could but dream of. They bang on about market forces generating efficiencies but conveniently forget the fierce competition for their "underpaid" jobs.

I'm the sixth best-paid person in our Library Service and I'm (just) on the national average wage, or at least I am until the promised 12% pay cut comes into force. Like the rest of my colleagues here I pay for my own travelling to work costs; the equipment and comms costs that allow me to do so much work at home and the sundries for to let me teach myself how to do my job. Unlike the Tory MP who claimed back the cost of a bag of horse shit.

Talk about coals to Newcastle...


The Topiary Cow said...

Cow's been following these expense revelations and is just stunned that the populace hasn't risen up in outrage over these "second home" expenses etc.

Seems like the lot of them need to be booted out, starting with Brown. Not sure how the system works, isn't it possible to call and election or something?

Maybe you can despose them? Cow just hoping the scoundrels are kicked to the curb and they are made to make recompense for their dodgy claims.


Lavinia said...

Would you believe we heard about this fiasco on this side of the pond?

We are mired in an MP scandal of our own. "'I shined Miss Ruby's many shoes'" says servant" screamed the headline in the local paper the other day. An MP hired foreign domestics and proceeded to treat them like slaves, it is alleged. Nothing's been proven in court but the headline gave me my one and probably only laugh of the day.