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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The sun will rise even if you don't happen to be there

The time has come, and it was a treat to watch. Eileen has noticed that some of the titles on standing order haven't appeared and has come down to ask Noreen what's going on. Noreen effected to be both confounded and baffled, explaining at length that all the standing orders had to be cancelled with the cessation of the last suppliers' contract and that she hadn't the authority to create new orders in their stead. Eileen's face was a picture.

"We're having a meeting next month to discuss standing orders," says Eileen.

"Oh, right. Well, once you've decided what you want we'll make a start at putting together the new standing orders," replies Noreen.

That last sentence is a model of the form.


Webrarian said...

For the first time in over 20 years, I have finally got our Ref budget under control. Could it possibly be because we've not had a Reference Librarian for over a year?

Standing orders are now down to those titles which I think people might actually use rather than those which we've "always" taken.

Lavinia said...

"Confounded" and "baffled" about sums the whole business up. You honestly deserve a medal or an OBE or KBE for all that you've endured down in the library trenches!!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Chris, that is a State of Grace most of us could only aspire to. I abase myself in your presence.

Lavinia: as Chris the Webrarian would attest, this is all just ordinary days in the office in the English public library sector

Webrarian said...

Oh, most definitely, Kev. It's a classic of its kind, but it is just one of many.

Ours coincided nicely with a change of supplier as well. A useful smokescreen, although they only come round once in a blue moon.

The grapevine tells me that the Reference Librarian is to be replaced. Someone with a passion for the online world as well as the real one, a near-immunity to what local government can throw at you, a willingness to question everything. Know anyone who might fit the bill?

Kevin Musgrove said...

They don't exist outside Rider Haggard novels.