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Monday, January 21, 2008

But I never drink the water
In case it gives me the shits

The Town Hall's been evacuated because it's raining.

OK, it's pissing down but why is the council going home? Our first thoughts were worries about flood. It would have to be an apocalyptic downpour that would transform the drunkard's trickle that is the River Helminth into a raging torrent that would threaten all ten stories of the Town Hall. So we got scurrying round to see if there was any gopherwood on the premises.

It turned out not to be necessary. They were all sent home because of the traffic problems caused by localised flooding of Bencup Old Road and the Scatter Bypass.


Two roads taken out by rain for an afternoon: everybody in the Town Hall go home.

Whole town in gridlock for nine months because all eight hub points connecting the main roads with the inner ring road are being dug up to convert the roundabouts into traffic light-controlled junctions and the traffic light-controlled junctions into roundabouts: business as usual.

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Major D'Omo said...

You'll be pleased to know that in Sub-Zero Sheboygan, we of the J. Cheever Loophole Memorial Library and Sauna just keep on working. Even on holidays like Martin Luther King Day which was celebrated in other areas. We seemed to be the only library in metropolitan Sheboygan that *was* open. It's a good job that most people can't find us.