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Monday, January 28, 2008

As described on The Third Programme

Norbert Spudulike rings from Dutch Bend.

"Here's a funny thing: I've just issued a CD called 'An Evening With The Brighouse & Rastrick Band' to a customer but it shows on the system as 'Swan Lake.' I've just looked up the barcode on the system and it's 'Swan Lake' on the catalogue. The CD cover's got a brass band on it. There's not a brass band in 'Swan Lake' is there?

One word, repeated, as per Alice In Wonderland, springs to mind..."

I check it up. On our system, if the item barcode's not recognised it asks you if you want to create a temporary catalogue record with just enough information in it to let it get issued to the borrower who presented it.

So somebody scanned the barcode on a copy of "An Evening With The Brighouse & Rastrick Band," was prompted to create a temp. cat. of the item in their hand and they gave it the title "Swan Lake."

The word Mescalin springs to mind...


Major D'Omo said...

That'll be on the same shelf as the Eric Morecambe arrangement of Grieg's Piano Concerto conducted by Andrew Preview

Kevin Musgrove said...

And Billy Bremner's Fifth Horn Concerto