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Monday, January 07, 2008

Sitting the baby on the boiled ham

Frog's had a few children's librarians in for a meeting. A couple of them were reminiscing about the good old days:

"Remember how we weren't allowed to buy 'Topsy & Tim' when they first started being published? We couldn't buy them because they didn't have any noses in the pictures..."

"And we couldn't buy any Enid Blyton. She'd written so many books they couldn't possibly be any good..."

"I remember going to a children's library meeting once with Piggy Throgmorton. When he came out he said to me:

"All children's librarians should be made to go on the game. If it turned out that they were any good they'd be making a better living out of it. If not, then at least they'll have seen something of life."

Very unreconstituted was Piggy. Mind you, my sympathy was with him that day."

1 comment:

emu said...

if they laid all the childrens librarians end to end they wouldn't have the first idea what to do