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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

(when micromanagement is just too hands-off)

Julia's upset, and rightly, with T.Aldous. She's just been on the receiving end of a bollocking because he didn't know that Daisy's chairing the interview panel for the Relief Assistants and he hasn't seen a copy of the interview questions. If anyone asks why we don't fill vacancies for years on end it's nothing to do with him but every jot and tittle of the interview has to go through his mill for approval.

T.Aldous has told Seth to expect eight large notice boards that were accidentally sent to Roadkill Library. Seth, who should know better, asks where they're going.

"They're going out to libraries but they'll have to stay here until I get back from holiday so that I can tell you where they're to go."


Chris said...

There was me, thinking that the phrase 'Relief Assistant' was so much nicer than 'Casual' that we still use (shades of Luke Filde's 'Applicants for Admission to the Casual Ward'), but then my poor tired brain began to see the less-than-seemly interpretation that could be applied. How do we get ourselves into these situations?

Kevin Musgrove said...

There is a method to this: when the double-entendre was first pointed out to us the response was: "that's all right, we're working for a bunch of wankers anyway."