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Friday, May 04, 2007

All the news that fits we don't print either

Maisie's been given the job of putting together the regularly monthly staff newsletter that's been being published since Xmas. Staff provided enough copy for several newsletters last November and the little that is left after it's passed the T.Aldous vetting process and is still of other than Local Studies historical interest has been sitting on he PC since Easter. Every so often one or other of us will ask her:

"How's the regular monthly staff newsletter?"

And every so often she'll tell us to sod off.

What's the problem. Here's a hint, just overheard. No clues as to the speaker...

"There, you see, that's a much nicer font...
...I thought you said that this was a four-page document. Can I leave you to sort out that problem?"

We look forward to the newsletter's being launched in one of our regular monthly staff meetings that we haven't had since October.

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