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Friday, May 11, 2007

Not the usual cover problem

We're getting a new, green, carpet in the lending library, T.Aldous tells us. We ask how we're going to be organising the closed days. To our surprise he tells us that the library isn't going to close. He really thinks that we'll be able to rope off part of the library whilst workmen dismantle all the shelves and counters in the area, shift it all to one side (where?), roll out and lay that bit of the carpet, shift all the furniture back and put it back together, rope off the next part of the library and repeat, rolling the carpet along as they go and slicing off the margins as necessary, all the time having the public at large on the other side of the ropes. You might like to have a go at this game in your back parlour.

Seth and I have visions of the fitters taking the carpet over to the car park so that they can cut it to shape, cutting out counter- and shelving-base-shaped holes in appropriate places so that they can leave the old as is and just overlay with the new.

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