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Monday, June 05, 2006

Night and day? You are the one.

A colleague in a media library sends me this. It's quite a lot like sending Coles to Newcastle.

It's a crap job, in a crap place
All the work is boring it's a disgrace
It's no rat race, I'll be a mental case,
That it's all shite to me.

It's a crap chair, in the wrong style
So I bought my own chair, it was worthwhile
Feel I'm on trial, and I'm so versatile
But it's all shite to me

I can't say how happy I was to come here
I can't say, because it's not true
There's this stuff I'm trying so hard to forget
Wouldn't you like to forget something too?

It's the wrong sound with the wrong scripts
Though your clips are tempting, they're the wrong clips
Find the right clips, better get to grips
But the day ends, I'm free
Dear, it's all shite
It's all shite to me.

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