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Friday, June 23, 2006

Dancing with my shadow

Off sick yesterday with chest pains (it's OK, I've had all the tests recently, my cardiovascular system's OK. Any time I see my doctor we have this conversation:

"Are you still in that job?"


"When will you do as you're told?"

and then he tries to persuade me to take a few weeks off work. I resist this as I know full well that there are four or five issues that have been droning on for years that 'would have been miraculously resolved' but for my absence. My last holiday coincided with the only window in the past five years for T.Aldous to make a decision about self-service circulation.)

I've been waiting a couple of years for the new council web site to come on stream. Yesterday, Lola got stuck with doing the mapping exercise for the library service's part of the site because the request for us so to do had been stuck in Mary's "unread emails" folder for the past few weeks and the deadline was last Monday. Lola had to teach herself the new Local Government Navigation taxonomy from scratch because I've spent the past three years trying and failing to get library service participation in the work I've been doing on e-government. She's done a good job of it in the circumstances but I feel childishly put out that having waited all this time I've not been involved in the doing of it, although I'll still be held responsible for anything that anyone doesn't like. Nothing changes...

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