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Thursday, June 29, 2006

How old *is* Ivy Benson?

A systems administrator's travails...

Last year we had the software auditors in and one of the security tests involved my being given a list of names by the auditor and him getting the security and password permissions for each person off me. I came to one name I didn't know. Being a trained scientist I assumed that this was the "control" and replied that I did not know this person. Apparently they'd been working at Catty Library for two months.

Being an awkward cuss, I've hung fire on asking Catty Library for her details for to be set up on the systems and I've waited to be told. Until today, nine months later. Before asking IT to set her up with a network account I checked up on the address list and found her name. This is a true exchange of emails, I promise:

Hi Hetty,

Is this the same Maisie Doakes who works/used to work in Planning Administration in the Town Hall?




She doesn't know.


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