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Monday, June 26, 2006

The glory of a firm, capacious mind

The council's doing a full-service salary review and, mindful that salaries can go down as well as up, the Counter Supervisors are a bit twitchy. Due to a series of quick-fixes to solve problems entirely created by management team the Counter Supervisors are theoretically doing the same job but have different job descriptions. And, as we've been missing one of the Group Librarians for three and a half years, the Supervisors at Dutch Bend and Catty have been having to cover a lot of their work. Consequently, any thought of a salary review based on job descriptions and custom & practice is made more nerve-wracking than usual.

Daisy Duck asked to see T.Aldous to have a chat about the situation.

"Is this to do with the fact that Julia's going to be moving over to be Group Librarian for your area?"

"That's another complicating factor I suppose."

"What you need to bear in mind, Daisy, is that Julia isn't me but I'm sure she could make a good job of it anyway."

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