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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Relocation, relocation, relocation

You can't make this sort of rubbish up...

One of the very many protracted programmes of reorganisation being visited on us is a sequence of planned relocations/co-locations, each of which is madder than the last. We've had the scout hut (where we re-opened with no network points installed and so "issued" books by scanning barcodes into Wordpad), we've sort-of had the church hall (don't ask!), now we're in the "let's move libraries into schools" phase:

  • Library number one is still in stasis. It's supposed to have moved off the main road, away from the bus routes, up the hill and round the back of the school last summer, and will no doubt be doing so once a decision has been made as to the future of a clock. An added complication is that the headmaster doesn't see why a public library should be open during school holidays.
  • Library number two was supposed to be moving from the shopping precinct to a school that's not been built yet, again up a hill and not on the main road, and well away from any buses, but that's been kiboshed by an unholy row in the local press and the realisation that this would move the library outside the SureStart project area.
  • Library number three may be moving out of a run-down shopping centre well-served by buses in a regeneration area to a school up another hill (I think the Education Department is pathologically scared of flooding and instinctively heads for the high ground), but might not because the organisation the council wants to lease the building to has said it would prefer to have a library there.

We're waiting to hear on all the others. I expect that the next time the gas board digs up a road we'll be reading in the paper that we're moving in there.

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