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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Green screen mama blues

I didn't tell you about the member of staff we had who was evading ECDL on the back of a note from her mother, thinking it a bit unbelievable. Well it has now developed into a real saga, and I now have scientific evidence that hamsters and PCs don't mix!

This woman is notable for suggesting she has been as busy as a hamster on a wheel, usually when the library is full with one borrower. Anyway we have paid for an eye test for her as she claimed looking at a PC for more than fifteen minutes gave her a headache (much like listening to her for fifteen minutes gives me one). The optician couldn't find anything wrong. We then sent her to the Council doctor, he too couldn't find anything wrong, so the Health and Safety Officer paid a visit to her place of work. Now I'm not sure how his recommendation is supposed to address the problem, but he decided the first floor of the building needed a fire escape and then scarpered. I was then dispatched to examine the working environment, i.e. shift a few tables and PCs around, and while you are there can you fix the flashing light? I also decided to change the screen colours as light green text on a fractionally darker green background required concentration levels bound to induce a headache even in the best of us. Having set the screen colours to default, I mistakenly asked the hamster if they were better.

"I liked them as they were," she replied.
"Yes but you couldn't look at the screen for more than fifteen minutes, so they can't have been right."
"It isn't always fifteen minutes, sometimes it is twenty."

Hence the conclusion, hamsters and PCs don't mix.

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