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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Plans, damned plans and pretending it isn't going to happen

After years of inactivity and apathy there’s suddenly a flurry of groups being set up to make decisions about our library management system. Somehow they can’t seem to grasp that they have just a matter of weeks before the services are going to be made available to the public.

The focus group (a misnomer if ever) was due to meet on Tuesday afternoon to try (yet again) to nail down the policies for children’s loans. It was cancelled because the guy chairing it doesn’t fancy getting bogged down in traffic on the way home by the school buses. (This is the guy who decided that it wasn’t necessary to include technical updates in the agenda for the meetings.) It was postponed to Friday mid-morning, presumably to avoid the school run. I suggested that as the system will have been installed by then they’d be able to have a look at the set up. "Good", he said, "it’ll give us a chance to start thinking about the procedures for issuing books and the way we want it to look." It's way past midnight and the mice and the pumpkin want to go home.

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