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Monday, July 25, 2005

The power of positive thinking

T. Aldous has just come in to badger me about something else. This is the finale:

"I've just seen your email saying about the problem with the new management system. Am I right in thinking that once you've sorted the problems out it'll be ready in a fortnight?"

"Er, no... Once we get back to where we were last week we could have a ragged-round-the-edges version live in a week or two."

"Is it a very big problem, have you lost much work?"

"We've lost everything. The back-ups we were assured were being done weren't. When the system crashed it all went down the plughole."

"But once it's fixed it'll be a fortnight before we go live?"

"I don't know how long it'll take to get back to where we were last week. Once we're there, then possibly, yes."

"Well that's just a hiccup. It's really good news that we can have it ready so soon."

"It's more than just a hiccup..."

"Well, that's computers for you."

One, other, or both of us has lost it.

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