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Friday, July 22, 2005

An extremely-thin client: keyboard, mouse & screen

Today I made some progress in getting somewhere towards getting a temporary replacement for the PC that hasn't been on my desk for the past week. On Tuesday I told support that I could "borrow" a new PC which could act as a temporary replacement so all they had to do was come and install the network software and oft we jolly well go. Or words to that effect. Today I found out that it wasn't happening because I had to submit it as a project using a form and project number that had been emailed to me in March but which I couldn't access because my PC had been taken away to the menders. A sequence of 'phone calls have resulted in a solution: I have to take a processor up to their office at the top of the office block across the road, leave it on someone's desk, and hope they'll get round to installing the requisite software some time before the next millenium so that I can traipse back and pick it up, take it back to my office and install the bloody thing.