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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Qwismas Kwiz

To keep you out of mischief while the selection boxes settle.

Here are some titles from 2005/6, what do you think the story was?
  1. Patience, fleas, the night is young

  2. All of a sudden nothing happens

  3. Graph spree

  4. JCBs in the Meadow of Consolation

  5. Like two rubber ducks that pass each other in the bath
    • There is nothing so swift as a manager avoiding their workforce
    • Leadership is a foolish consistency
    • It's usually a good idea to count the wheels on the mobile library before going out

  6. Laughing their hods off
    • Builders prop up a door lintel with fag packets
    • Having to count the bricks in the fire escape corridor
    • A caretakers' revolt

  7. Talk to the wall because the email's not listening

  8. We've a little tiny crocodile that sings like Bing

  9. Triple negatives

  10. A kick up the arts

  11. Rumour in cuneiform

  12. Florence Nightingale should live this day

  13. Three thousand burning joss sticks sing "Happy Birthday" to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
    • The Summer Reading Game
    • Stock editing
    • An Audit Commission inspection

  14. When Alexander the Great was my age he'd been dead twelve years

  15. A mayfly dreams of eternity
    • Ordering new PCs
    • Installing the new book ordering system
    • Finding out which days the libraries will be closed over Xmas

  16. Detail of Painting by An Unknown Artist Depicting Unconditional Surrender at the Battle of Helminthdale

  17. The Order of the Lack of Vivid Imagination
    • Library management
    • Human Resources
    • The Department of Culture, Media and Sport

  18. A sailor's farewell to his horse

  19. The equipment has the best tunes

  20. Big Brother is up your nose
    • email monitoring
    • New identity badges
    • CCTV

  21. Crouching tiger, springing limpet

  22. Chimps off the old block

  23. Just like my socks, they are neglected

If you get stuck you can find the answers by searching for the titles. Good luck. And lots of cheating!


Pat said...

I blame the chocolate trifle. My brain's stuck.

Macy said...

Funvilles! Will there be PRIZES?
{goes off to sharpen her new Christmas Pencil}

Unknown said...

YaY, YAY, go Quizz-goers, Ra-Ra rasputin.... lah-de-dah-di