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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Never use a mobile phone while you're peeing

As part of our ongoing commitment to the healthy living agenda we're stocking a lot more information about Men's Health Issues. You know what I mean: Men's. Health. Issues. Quite so. In particular, we're stocking a few monthly magazines that explore the issues concerned in the discrete and unsensational manner fitting for The Stoic Northern English Gentleman that they can use for easy reference in the reading room upstairs in Helminthdale Central Library.

All they have to do is know that we stock them, go to the enquiry desk, ask for a copy of one of the magazines; sign a receipt; read the magazine; go back to the enquiry desk; return the magazine and receive the cancelled receipt as a receipt of return.

To read a magazine in the reading room.

"We've had people steal magazines before now," explains Eileen.


Edward Carroll said...

Is it even possible to use a mobile phone while peeing? Anyway, I just got my iphone 4 unlocked and spent quite a sum for it, I won't risk ruining it with my pee.

Macy said...

In the age of video talking it would indeedies be WRONG to talk whilst peeing!

zmkc said...

Person manning reception desk to sheepish client, (in very loud voice): I'm sorry, sir, I just can't read your writing - which magazine did you say you wanted? And could you spell your name for me? I can't hear, please speak up, was that Mr or Major, et cetera et cetera

Happy Frog and I said...

Goodness me, trying to read magazines at the library sounds even more embarrassing then trying to buy certain products from chemist shops!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Well done, Edward!

Macy: it saves on hanging round in waiting rooms full of people with diseases.

zmkc: precisely.

Happy Frog & You: it is, believe me.

Pat said...

Well that's not going to encourage people to examine themselves is it?
Couldn't you electrocute yourself that way?

Nota Bene said...

Newspaper in one hand, mobile in the other, peeing down my trousers...it can be done without the embarassment of asking for a magazine at the counter

Robert Swipe said...

A friend informed me of the following, overheard in a *University* Library.

Student: "I'm returning this overnight loan book but I had no idea that it was only going to be issued overnight..."

Information Assistant: [...???]


wrod vrecificatoin: chalat. (I L.U.V. that Juliete Binoche...)

Britta said...

Never use... otherwise you might be forced to fish it out of the toilet when a sudden knock at the door ("Are you ready?") startles you :-)

rashid2626 said...

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