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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some marigolds on my pillow

Incoming bits and bobs. A few old, knackered PCs that the reference library at Dutch Bend have foisted on us. Some broken keyboards. A box of cable ends for old dumb terminals we threw away a decade ago. Some metal boxes. A dozen Windows 97 system CD-ROMs.

"Christmas comes early," I mutter.

"Yes, we can't just throw shit away, can we?" replies Maudie.


Lynne said...

Just set up a little table inside the door - lay out all that "trash", and those 5 odd mitten still laying in your Lost & Found box. Print a large sign: FREE. Hang the sign up over the table, and by the end of day, your problem will be solved.
(Be sure to use a tale you can do without).

Pat said...

Lynne's idea is a good one.

Pearl said...

Actually, yes, you can just throw shit away.

Although I do like Lynne's idea. Any time we want something to disappear, we put it in the alley with a sign that says "FREE" and it's always gone in the morning.


Britta said...

Lynne's idea is fine - here I often see books lying outside of a house and people stop, flicker through them - and most of them find a new owner. Wether that will work with computer trash I don't know - you might save the CDs to hang them in the cherry tree next year, to scare of the crows :-) But I would throw that things away immediately - after one Saturday&Sunday presentation in front of your door! (Ah, and try to remember first what texts you saved in the computers :-)

zmkc said...

The gypsies in Budapest take care of all that stuff - they want the copper wire and things inside. Perhaps if you asked Mr Sarkozy to send some of his over?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Well, well, well... This is why none of you - or me! - will ever amount to anything in the white heat of public library management. It is apparently essential that we hang on to any old piece of crap that happens to turn up on the premises.

Lucky escape, eh what?