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Monday, March 29, 2010

Insured for a vast sum in Green Shield stamps

Like some glacier retreating from the warmth of summer T.Aldous has left the following deposits around the library:
  • Assorted copies of the Library Association Record featuring mobile libraries and trailer library services, none of them younger than 1994, on Nancy's desk.
  • Three copies of The Rose Grower's Annual that were issued to him in 1998 and never renewed, left on the lending library trolley.
  • Assorted pictures of the old Umpty Library, double-exposed with photos of a story time event at Castlebury Avenue Play Centre, left on the photocopier.
  • Almost-mint copies of Books For Keeps dating from the early 1990s, left on Frog's desk.
  • A bag of perished rubber bands left on Maudie's desk.
  • Assorted, mostly rusty, paper clips, drawing pins, and bulldog clips, left on top of the stationery cupboard.
  • Staple removers; the plastic spirals from a few dozen spiral-bound volumes; some springs; plastic crystal tab file tabs; umpteen boxes of cardboard labels for crystal tab file tabs; some wire, we know not why; fifteen bashed-about but now empty lever arch files; and a box of ballpoint pens that don't work, all on Maisie's desk.
  • A copy of the Library Association's proposal to the Major Government for a new library network providing free Internet access to the masses and Pardendale Council's Telematic Strategy 1994, both left in Milton's in-tray.
  • A filing cabinet full of God-knows-what, wished upon Julia.
  • The keys to the old reference library store cupboard that was thrown away in 1999, bequeathed to Doreen.
  • The Helminthdale Edition of the Dewey Decimal System, now with Noreen.
  • A box of 1980s mind exercise paperbacks that were property of Catty General Hospital, found by the confidential waste bins.

"There's no point in hanging onto things for the sake of it," T.Aldous tells Maisie.


Pat said...

so as well as everything else he is litter lout. He'll have to go!

Happy Frog and I said...

Does he think he is the stationary and book equivalent of Father Christmas, but at Easter? It's like he's trying to leave everyone little gifts to bring joy but failing miserably. Bless! x

Macy said...

"And at the going down of the sun
It is not by their deeds
But by their paperclips we shall remember them."

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: it isn't litter, it's knowledge management.

Happy Frog & You: you're definitely picking up the vibe!

Macy: I sit in awe at your insight. How very true those words are, even today.

zmkc said...

Didn't he leave anything on your desk? Did he only leave presents for girls? All those who were lucky enough to benefit from his generosity may want to consider freecycle - a very sophisticated method of throwing away rubbish.

Kevin Musgrove said...

zmkc: I mostly got away with it as I pointed out that I was the one who had written the documents he was bringing my way.

I think even the most ardent freecyclers have limits on what they'll have foisted on them.

zmkc said...

Those mind exercise paperbacks could tempt me though - it's partly their provenance that makes them so alluring.