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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As if grasped by an alien force

T.Aldous' gala dinner is in a couple of weeks. I feel churlish, it is well-meant after all. But having watched Maisie and Maudie spend most of the day making 'phone calls and sending out formal invitations I'm not happy with the situation.
  • Maisie and Maudie are phenomenally overworked as it is;
  • The council is cutting costs left, right and centre and actively looking for evidence that services have got slack that can be cut (even when there isn't any!);
  • T.Aldous has been retired how long?

Ah, let's not be churlish: this is a service we provide for all the senior citizens in our community.


Major Tom D'Omo said...

You think after the Dinner he'll get the hint and piss off? Why do I feel I know what the answer will be?

Gadjo Dilo said...

I reckon churlishness is a perfectly correct response to this: a churl is a peasant, and not a particularly generous one at that... just give the geyser a dead rabbit and have done with it.

Pat said...

It's becoming crystal clear that the poor man is impervious to hints.
How about a resounding chorus after dinner of
!We don't want to lose you but we think you ought to go.'

Kevin Musgrove said...

Major: Tom old boy, how long have you been hearing the stories?

Gadjo: a most excellent idea.

Pat: you are a national treasure.