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Thursday, December 10, 2009


The day's not starting so bad: coming into work I'm accosted by an attractive young girl dressed as an elf in green leggings. She hands me a stick of rock and a leaflet.

"Look after yours ELF this Christmas!"

it says. I was just about to ask her if I looked like the sort of person who seemed to need a bit of looking after, and was she available for the job, when it occurred to me that the age difference was nearer thirty than twenty years.


Pat said...

Or did you not fancy the green leggings?

Macy said...

You mean she wasn't so young then....

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Age difference. Balls to it. Today we realised it is TWENTY BASTARD TWO years since The Housemartins had the Christmas number one with Caravan Of Love. Nearly a quarter of a century.

The Topiary Cow said...

What the heck is a stick of rock?

Cow thinking she needs a stiff drink, confronted, as she is, not only the the evidence of cross-oceanic differences, but the vision of a young attractive elf handing the scribe of Helminthdale a rock of some kind.

Befuddled moo--(hoisting eggnog)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: actually, I was quite taken by them.

Macy: tsk!

Eddie: I'm still getting over "Classic Rock Anthems" on MTV all being stuff produced after the millennium

Ms. Cow: here you are. Spearmint's best (with "Helminthdale" written right the way through it), though it may clash with the egg nog.