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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spreading straight from the fridge and containing 99% of all known germs

It's the annual pre-Christmas holiday fridge clearout.

Seth clears out the fridge before every big holiday period, which gives him the chance to chuck out the stuff that's starting to glow in the dark or which closes the fridge door after you.

This is always followed by the inevitable whines of: "where's my... I was saving that for later."


Pat said...

Seth must be unique; I've never known a man to clear a fridge. Does he do loos too? Some woman should grab him before he's snapped up.

geraldgee said...

Makes sense to me to have the usable stuff in the front of the fridge and the other out of the way at the back Pat.

Charlie said...

Damn! That was the vaccine I've been waiting for!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: Beryl says he's the same at home.

geraldgee: quite right, which is why I daren't clear my own fridge.

Charlie: no: this is the one that Professor Hugo Strange uses to make giant zombies

Joanna Cake said...

LOL, We have just come oop north and, after the peace and tranquility of my girlie flat, I am faced with the contents of Ruf's fridge. It's pretty empty but the shelves and drawers are in need of a good scrub from various spillages.

It's no better nor worse than the one back at the house really which, despite my daughter's best efforts, has become a man fridge with all sorts of half eaten bits and pieces that are well past their sell by date and which no one will claim responsibility for either buying or opening :)