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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You have to know exactly where to bash it

We're fiddling about slightly with the layout at Dutch Bend Library. Part of the process involves moving the photocopier from the reference library into lending. Actually, what's really happening is that the new copier's been installed in lending. When the lease on the old one runs out then there'll be a jiggle round to make some learning space in ref. There's also the prospect of developing a closer correlation between the number of copies made and the derived income but we won't dwell on that. Nor the letters from the local literati who've been getting photocopies buckshee for the past twenty years on the quiet.

All is well until today when the lending library's short-staffed and struggling and a lady comes in wanting to zoom-copy a long and complicated document. The customer's in a hurry so the Library Assistant suggests that if she really can't wait a couple of minutes she could always try the reference library's copier (because, despite their protestations, the reference library isn't busy by any objective measure). Which idea she took in the spirit in which is was given and she went off to the reference library.

Flexible use of resource opportunities to enhance the customer experience, eh, what? Cue blistering email from Daisy Dormouse, the Reference Librarian, to all members of Policy Team, copied to lending library staff.

When are lending staff going to be trained properly to use the photocopier so that they're not always sending customers to the reference library?

This has not gone down well.


Pat said...

Photo copiers have become a bit of a cliche in TV drama where people only seem to use them to photograph bums, which I'm sure would never happen in real life- especially not in a library.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Has Daisy ever photocopied her bum on the Reference Library photocopier? The tax-payer demands to know!

Macy said...

Pfffftt.. when are reference library staff going to understand that you are only widening customer awareness of the excellent services offered by aforesaid reference library??

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat and Gadjo: if, some day, I engineer my escape from this place I will tell you the story about the councillors and the photocopier. Even though it was fifteen years ago it's still quite dangerous.

Macy: that's radical thinking in that particular field.