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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Semi-charmed life

It's been a swine of a week. I couldn't tell you very much of it without slapping the real Helminthdale logo up on the title. Suffice to say that we haven't been overwhelmed with awe at any pyrotechnics of planning, management or leadership. Even the Ouija board has given up trying to communicate with Policy Team. Stone me, what a life.

The Corporate Bobbing Up And Down Like This Team have been a loudly self-advertising component of the council for this past twenty months now. Its one and only public delivery has been the new "Laid-back Tuesday" nonsense. Sybil considers this such a rip-roaring success that she is spurred to suggest a new refinement.
"Let's have Wicker Man Wednesday!" she cries. "We could get a couple of sheep and a cow and then we could set fire to the council offices. The only thing we'd need to do is organise a vote on who would be the human sacrifice."

The front-runner at this early stage is the Cabinet Chair of Human Resources. Or perhaps a double-header with the Chief Personnel Officer.


Frog insists that he wants to be Britt Ekland.

It has been an awful week.


Pat said...

Poor boy. Go out into the garden and do a bit of autumn tidying and take a few photos and chill:)

Ladybird World Mother said...

As my sister would say, cheer up, it will only get worse. xx

Affer said...

Analysis of Councils and Councillors would show an overwhelming preponderance of failed and/or failing small businesspersons, and a good smattering of people who talk strategy and management but couldn't do it if they tried! No wonder delivery staff become stressed and dissatisfied. I think the Wicker Man is a good idea, but archery practice on the offenders could be a useful way to build up skills pre-Olympics.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat and LWMum ta for the kind words!

Affer: this is a splendid idea, and more environmentally-sustainable. We have some splendid snipers' positions in the Reference Library (it would be nice to find a good use for that area)

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