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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hi there flappers and bobbysoxers!

Being for the benefit of the public

For the benefit of you and me
The folks at Helminthdale B.C.
The random mix of old and new
Will like as not bamboozle you.
What a surprise!
What's opened close,
For these read those,
And nothing's ever really what it seems
'Cos they're running contradictory regimes.
In these ways
Helminthdale says
We'll challenge the world!

Helminthdale's disguise with dog ends

Imagine yourself in a box by a river
With trampled-down dreams and blinkered red eyes
Somebody calls you, they speak awful slowly
And tell you the usual lies.
"Yes sir, this council's concerned for the best
"And the best, sir, is ready to come.
"Watch as we weave our mysterious ends."
And he's gone.
Helminthdale's disguise with dog ends.

Follow him through to a thinly-staffed counter
To care-less execs
Who have rocking-horse brains.
Try to get hold of reforms or resources
From people who like giving pains.
Newspaper stories will tax you to hell
You'll want them to take you away
But if you climb back and you do as you're told
Then you're gone.
Helminthdale's disguise with dog ends.


Unknown said...

...and the remastered versions sound *so* much better, don't they?



geraldgee said...

Can you clap on comments?

Pat said...

Some beautiful phrases there.

Pearl said...

Happiness is a warm post.



Kevin Musgrove said...

Roberta: hello and welcome!

Oh yes. So very much better. (-;

Geraldgee: absolutely!

Pat: thank you dear lady

Pearl: :-D

Charlie said...

"To care-less execs
Who have rocking-horse brains."

Ain't that the truth, Kevin Barrett Browning!

The Topiary Cow said...

Someone has been rockin' the casbah.


Major D'Omo said...

Bravo, Sir! I always knew there was an uncommon bond between Helminthdale and Murkeyside. Bond, Uncommon Bond. (Cue John Barry)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Thanks folks!