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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A thrill-packed load of old twaddle

Excitement at Senebene Library: the car park's being used as a location for a popular television drama series (I wasn't paying attention, it was either "Compact" or "Triangle"). Apparently the car park provides just the right flavour of local colour (I wonder if they swept away last night's condoms).

Prior to their arrival there had been a slight misunderstanding. The film company asked if they could use the library's toilets. There was a bit of consternation until it was made clear that the toilets would be for location staff use, not as a film location.

We take the opportunity to tease Beryl:

"No knocking on the door asking: 'do you need any help in there?'"

"'Do you need that shaking so you don't spoil your costume?'"

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