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Friday, December 29, 2006

They're going to make Hitler the Queen of the May

Himself comes up to me while I'm talking to Frog about his teenagers' project.

"I hope that you're doing something to minimise the amount of missing stock in the libraries in next year's CIPFA report."

"I've organised an inventory of stock at Gypsy Cream, Pansy's just finished doing adult fiction; Lola's just finished an inventory at Windscape and I'm organising one at Pottersbury Road."

"You need to get this done before the CIPFA count I don't want to have to talk to the auditors again."

  1. Since when was I responsible for stock in our libraries?

  2. Since when do I need instructions from T.Aldous Huxtable on how to pre-plan a CIPFA count?

  3. Or anything else come to that?

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