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Friday, December 22, 2006


Departmental briefing on sickness monitoring and management. The highlight is the statement

"It's been suggested that staff from other departments coming back to work after being off sick with stress could be found jobs to do in the Library Service as part of their rehabilitation."

The scoffers and mockers have a field day. Yeah, sure, working in this library service is soooo not remotely stressful. (The only service with a worse record for staff being off sick with stress is the one-stop-shop, which cops for every infection coming though the door plus having to act as the public interface to a deeply uninterested Helminthdale Council.) After the laughter subsides there comes the bombshell:

"The idea came from a very senior member of management in the Library Service."

No prizes...


Rob said...

But it WOULD be sooooo restful being a senior manager in Helminthdale

Alternatively, a job carting the carrier bags out of T.A's office would be therapeutic and constructive too.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I'm not so sure: a job carting the carrier bags out of T.A.'s office would keep a dynasty in gainful employment.

Besides, there's a nagging sense of unease that having removed all the carrier bags we may find there's no office there.